Ghazi Toutounji

 He was born in Lebanon in 1954, graduated in 1976 with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from the American University of Beirut. In 1988 he married Gizele Bou-Farah and shortly after he immigrated to Montreal, Canada, in 1992, then moved to Mississauga in 1995 and lives there since then with his wife and three kids.

His talent and love for drawing showed since the early years where he used to draw people of his surroundings. In Canada he took one year of Studio Art at Concordia University before moving to Mississauga. He took various courses in graphic design, illustration, and one semester of Summer School of Animation at Sheridan College in 1999.

He draws and paints in various media: pencil, pastel, watercolor and oil. His subjects are mainly portraits and landscape where he tries to capture nostalgic feelings of the old days. Few works of clay and wood sculpture as well as computer sculpture have been produced by him.

He participated in a collective exhibition in Cyprus in 1991. His watercolor paintings were exhibited at a gallery store in Nicosia during his stay in Cyprus. He also participated in several collective exhibitions in Canada.